TeeCanva is one of the best places to buy clothing online, but if you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth your time or if you’ll get the goods you see at TeeCanva, this post is for you. Through our website, we pledge to explain the inspiration behind each piece of apparel. For the most part, our store is on our website, but we recognize that there are other online marketplaces, which is why we’ve set up a 15percentpledge shop and a shop on Amazon, Etsy, and on Shopify. Rather than limiting our customers, we want them to meet us wherever they choose to do business online. If you’re looking for high-quality T-shirts, go no further than Teecanva.

Even though we pride ourselves on attracting artists, designers, digital artists, and experimenters, we are continuously looking for new developments in high-tech fashion. Fashion advancements mean that what you wear this year will undoubtedly alter in the future. The fashion business has always been at the forefront of innovation, from the sewing machine to the rise of eCommerce.

Teecanva fashion is forward-looking and cyclical, just like technology. That being said, here are some of the AI-related innovations we’re keeping an eye on:

FINERY, a European fashion business, has developed an automated wardrobe planning tool that, using analytics, tracks the purchases of its female consumers and places them in a virtual wardrobe. The site also enables women to design outfits from their closets and shop from many online merchants.

TRUEFIT’s personalization platform incorporates an online fit engine that assists customers in finding an appropriate fit with brands and new designs on the market.

Intelligence Node: a platform for AI-powered search discovery that allows users to track trends in real-time. Customers can add keywords, user navigation patterns, price points, and other information. The Intelligence Node AI-powered search discovery platform allows users to track exact or close matches to your product, giving valuable insights into vital competitive differences.

Prior patterns were the only information used in fashion trend predicting in the past. New technologies like Heuritech are redefining audience panels on social media. It uses image recognition technology to scan social media images for forms, designs, colors, and properties of textiles to anticipate future trends. One article would not be enough to cover all of the cutting-edge fashion technology on the horizon. In the following weekly piece, I’ll discuss more advanced technology.

To make your purchasing experience more pleasurable, we want you to have a clearer idea of how we develop distinctive designs on each of our t-shirts. As great as Teecanva sounds, it may not be the right website for everyone, so we’ll break down why each unique t-shirt sold well or did not outperform the market. We are not shy about discussing our failures, what could be improved, and some examples of things we’ve learned while creating designs that sell on Teecanva (and similar sites).

Please let us know if you have any additional pros or cons for Teecanva that we hadn’t considered, as we won’t have the same outlook we did when we first started! In any case, we highly recommend shopping for your favorite t-shirt in Teecanva stores and seeing where it can take you! You might find yourself drawn to one of our talented artists, graphic designers, or simply following the passion printed on all our t-shirts! Who can say?

Next week, in my weekly piece, I’ll be talking about how technology will affect the fashion business in 2022, including new types of textiles called Novel fabrics and the development of new products.

About the Author

Abiuth Maronga is the founder + CEO of Teecanva, an online clothing brand. As a technology practitioner, Abiuth has worked with over 100 creative artists, graphic designers, and digital artists both local and international. Abiuth is presently studying at Northcentral University as a Ph.D. student. Abiuth is also a Broad Member at the Sickle Cell Foundation of Arizona, where he serves on the technology committee. Abiuth may be reached through either email contact@teecanva.com or by Twitter @maronga_abiuth.



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Abiuth Maronga

I am a cybersecurity doctoral student at Northcentral University, founder of Teecanva, ICT chair, and board member of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Arizona.