Harambee is a well-known name in Kenya. Isn’t that what the East African economic powerhouse says? In addition to wearing a Harambee Teecanva T-shirt, you proudly spread the word about the charm of Kenya, which has been a source of inspiration for generations since the country became independent. To get you up to speed, the word Harambee was changed from the Hindu language when Indians were building the Kenya-Uganda railway in the 1800s. Later, it was adopted and used in the Swahili language to mean “Let’s work together,” only in Kenya. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta became Kenya’s first president when the country became independent. He made it his charm word.

In public gatherings after independence, Jomo Kenyatta could chant the word to give people hope and encourage them to look forward to better days. This is especially after the colonial rulers left. This is what he did. That was a lot to say, wasn’t it? “Ahsante,” “Jambo,” and “Karibu,” which mean hello, thanks, and welcome, are also easy to learn in Swahili for people who visit Kenya. For first-time visitors, these words give them a sense of confidence and a sense of being at home. After all, Kenyans are known for being kind.

Some people like to keep the currency from countries they visit as mementos. The Kenyan currency comes in handy with the word Harambee. Other ways, too. There is a word on the Kenyan currency that says “Harambee.” It’s written on coins and bills. So, maybe that’s why it’s so important to the Kenyan people from all tribes and classes. When it’s sunny, it follows them wherever they go, just like a shadow on a sunny day.

When you visit Kenya, people there will tell you how Harambee, self-help fundraisers, have helped a lot. They help each other out of kindness because of Haram bee. Harambee has helped poor kids go to school, the sick get treatment in the hospital, and even weddings go off without a hitch. Harambee may have been more important to Kenyans born in the 1980s and younger. Then, before primary education was free, parents raised money and materials to build the first schools where their kids went to school. Today, some of those kids are the best people in many different fields. Welcome to Harambe. By the way, that is where the current Harambee schools originated from. They are mostly day schools in the villages.

Harambee Stars is not a new word for people who like sports, especially in Kenyan. Kenya has a national soccer team called the Kenyan national team. When they play against another country, the team carries the Kenyan flag and unites Kenyans. When you think about being patriotic, you know what it feels like.

Now, you don’t have to be from Kenya to wear Harambee tee shirts, so you can wear them. It feels good when you can identify with a creed from a particular area, country, or race. Many different things make the world an excellent place to live in for humans. The Teecanva Harambee tee shirt is for Kenyan sports fans and people who love their country. You can wear an Arsenal jersey or one from Man-U, Liverpool, or any other team, but you should also have some sense of national pride and be proud of where you live. This is what Teecanva is for. It will make that happen for you, and so quickly. Grab your clothes today.

About the Author

Abiuth Maronga is the founder + CEO of Teecanva, an online clothing brand. As a technology practitioner, Abiuth has worked with over 100 creative artists, graphic designers, and digital artists both local and international. Abiuth is presently studying at Northcentral University as a Ph.D. student. Abiuth is also a Broad Member at the Sickle Cell Foundation of Arizona, where he serves on the technology committee. Abiuth may be reached through either email contact@teecanva.com or by Twitter @maronga_abiuth.



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